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KIDS was a prolific street artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburgh was playground and he loved every part of the city.  He passed away, but his graffiti haunts our city. I didn’t know him, but I felt like I did. He was everywhere I went in Pittsburgh: The Bloomfield Bridge, dumpsters in the Strip District, […]

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Swoon Femicide Piece in Garfield

A ghostly image in Garfield. This piece is part of Swoon’s Femicide series.  As she crossed the border going down into South Mexico, she saw pink crosses painted on telephone poles marking the las muertas de Juárez (“The dead women of Juárez”). Each piece represents women that are missing and presumed dead.

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Stikman in Pittsburgh

Stikman visited the Iron City over a year ago, but his characters remain permanently fixed to our phone booths, bridges, and pavement. This marks one of his more recent campaigns, as he experiments with postal stickers, miniature sculptures, and other mixed media. You can tour Stikman’s Pittsburgh visit with starting in South Side, head towards […]

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Iron City Graffiti Photos Wanted

Supply and Demand. Much to the dismay of city council, street art is a strong part of our identity.  That’s why a good portion of this site is devoted to Pittsburgh Graffiti and Urban Decay.  Please take a few shots the next time you run across an interesting piece (Please, no Shepard Fairey murals). When […]

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