Five Underrated Pittsburgh Punk Bands

Here are a few bands that deserve more attention for the blood sweat and tears they put into the scene.


For over twenty years, Liverball has been Pittsburgh’s most underrated band and they don’t care. They’re still preforming, they’re still recording, and they’re still trying to drink their livers away.  Liverball is one of the few bands that  you can hear the band’s progression without major label interference.

Del Rios

There are many bands we’ll never know, their vinyls have been lost and cassettes eaten. Del Rios puts together the best scraps of former Punk and Metal projects to form a new type of superband.  An MP3 won’t come close to describing the chaos of Del Rios Live.

Shady Ave

Remember when garage punk meant actually playing in a garage? Well, Shady Avenue will play any garage. Their FORTYCORE style of punk is smooth and wins over the ladies. Technically, Shady Avenue is from Clarion, PA, until 222 Ormsby adopted them granting them official Pittsburgh status.

Dollar Shots

The Dollar Shots are the essence of Yinzer Punk.  Dave (their drummer) recounts car troubles and explosions, spilt beer and ex-girlfriends, band member break ups and neo-nazi car chases. Hell, I don’t know how they survived this long but it makes for a great album.

Westboro Bastard Church

God Hates Punk.
Good band. Nothing new, nothing to aspire to.

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