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R.I.P. Kids. Credit: Mattew Niemi

KIDS was a prolific street artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburgh was playground and he loved every part of the city.  He passed away, but his graffiti haunts our city.

KIDS Rust Away. Credit: Mattew Niemi

I didn’t know him, but I felt like I did. He was everywhere I went in Pittsburgh: The Bloomfield Bridge, dumpsters in the Strip District, coffee at the Beehive, and drinking in Oakland. His reach goes beyond the local ally. His work can even be seen from space.

KIDS in Strip District. Photo: Dan Bucynski.

KIDS IS DEAD ALIVE. Photo: David Gingrich

KIDS couldn’t be packaged in a can. He produced stickers, triumphed with the paint pen, and even experimented with metal art. There is a small collection of his work on Flickr, but it doesn’t begin to scratch his career.

After his death, many artists have added messages to his works, including,”We Will Miss You, THANKS!” and  “We miss you already!

We’d like to add more to this article. If you knew him, or tagged along with him, please email or post a comment.

Photo by: Matt Niemi, Dan Bucynski, and David Gingrich.

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